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Aluna Festival en Ardeche – Rebischung music

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Festival Ardeche Aluna Festival – Ruoms du 16 Juin 2016 au 18 Juin …

Ardèche Aluna Festival a réussi ce pari un peu fou de faire naître un grand événement musical, fédérateur et convivial, sur un site naturel aux paysages …


ardeche aluna festival







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New music added on Rebischung bandcamp

Well, it’s done ! Rebischung Bandcamp is alive ! See more music here : .Music from Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong DVD and much others. Thanks to you !

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New website for infos, music and videos

Hello all ,you can find news and other here :
Dont hesitate to send me a mail !

And always on :

News : Two albums Qi Gong and Yoga music added on lastfm :

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Qui Gong, Tai Chi, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Rebischung music Flying with the Dragoon offered for free

Music is at the same time a support for films, and a dream

for the listener…

The two DVD on the Qui Gong theme realized by Beatrice

and Patrick Reynier, with Doctor JIAN Liujun and Akli

Hammadi are exactly in this vein: at the same time report,

culture and a demonstration of a millenium-old Chinese art.

There is three DVD over Tai Chi, always in the same principle, a box including a DVD

and an Audio CD, with a music more electro-world directed,

with more flowing and fuller movements, which can be

listenend to – and looked at at the same time…

The samples of the album Aquatica Lucis, to be as well

discovered on the website, will take you along on a journey

through all of the world, note by note, but they can also involve

you with a more interior voyage, towards the aqueous

lights of Origin…

As for Cities of Lights, the evening opens it’s arms to you…

with all its dreams and ventures. There too lies a journey: from

feelings and desires to angels, from the Andean nights to

the future of a city, a city whose only existance may be

deep within you, maybe to deep to be found otherwise…


So offered for free :

Rebischung music qi gong : Flying with the Dragoon

Rebischung Jean Marie Artwork

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Relaxation and Fang Nation, from meditative music to gothic music ?!

Relaxation and Fang Nation, from meditative music to gothic music ?!

Relaxation and Fang Nation, from meditative music to gothic music ?!
Hello all ! working so hard on new album “Relaxation” with musics from DVD Qi Gong serie.
Tiltle “Infinity” available on myspace. Album ready in a few time…!

The second album, that I want so dark, is a concept album ( I love that ! ) with gothic music an black ambient sounds .
The title of the album ( all right, cover is ready ! ) is The Dark side of the Moon , with first title : Fang Nation. Ambient with classical, electro and electric guitar…
Title “Fang Nation” available on myspace in a few days !
FANG NATION, new Rebischung music coming soon !

Rebischung vampire and gothic album : Fang Nation