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Music for the Rising Sun : list and links

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A nine-​part com­pi­la­tion for the be­ne­fit of Ja­pan. At its heart, Mu­sic for the Ri­sing Sun is an in­ter­na­tio­nal com­mu­ni­ty ef­fort. Mu­si­cians from around the globe have do­na­ted time, pas­sion and ins­pi­ra­tion for the be­ne­fit of Ja­pan. It is our sin­cere de­sire that our mu­sic will ins­pire others to give to those in need. We al­so wish for the people of Ja­pan to feel our com­pas­sion and sup­port du­ring this uni­ma­gi­nable trial. This com­pi­la­tion is a di­gi­tal mu­sic re­lease. Lis­te­ners may do­nate and down­load each part as they re­lease at http://mf­­ http://mf­­­bum/mu­sic- ​for-​the-​ri­sing-​sun-​part-​i Part I of our nine-​part com­pi­la­tion for the be­ne­fit of Ja­pan.


Ra­re­fac­tion -​ For Ophe­lia and the Silent Sea
Mar­ching Mind -​ Mis­sion
Red This Ever -​ On­ly Sur­vi­vor
The Oe­di­pus Com­plex -​ Des­cend the Ascent
An­ti-​m -​ Deep
Fan­tome -​ Eme­rald Coast
Eso­te­ric Sob with Cel­lar Door -​ Lit­tle Mo­ments
Mez­za­mo -​ My Spa­ce­ship
Dud­ley Ghost -​ White Cher­ry [桜の花]
Cy­bo -​ Aqueous
Pau­la -​ The World Stands With You Now

All funds re­cei­ved will be trans­fer­red to the Ame­ri­can Red Cross for the “Ja­pan Ear­th­quake and Pa­ci­fic Tsu­na­mi” ef­fort (note: month­ly tran­sac­tion re­ports will be pos­ted on fa­ce­book). This nine-​part com­pi­la­tion will adhere to the fol­lo­wing re­lease sche­dule:

Part I -​ Fri­day, May 20th

Part II -​ Fri­day, May 27th

Part III -​ Fri­day, June 3rd

Part IV -​ Fri­day, June 10th

Part V -​ Fri­day, June 17th

Part VI -​ Fri­day, June 24th

Part VII -​ Fri­day, Ju­ly 1st

Part VIII -​ Fri­day, Ju­ly 8th

Part IX -​ Fri­day, Ju­ly 15th

Mu­sic for the Ri­sing Sun in­fo: web­site: http://mf­­ fa­ce­book: http://www.fa­ce­­trs
Mas­te­red by Oni Sak­ti.

co­or­di­na­tor: Aa­ron Rus­sell at ja­pan@im­pur­

-part I-

for ophelia and the silent sea – rarefaction

mission – marching mind

only survivor – red this ever

descend the ascent – the oedipus complex

deep – anti m

emerald coast – fantome

my spaceship – mezzamo

white cherry – dudley ghost

aqueous – cybo

the world stands with you now – paula

-part II-

control theory r.roo remix – apparent symmetry

the telling of aikenn drum – fluxussyndrom

out of ashes – grauraum

8 shinto – arcrunner

the past – nameless city

overcome – the ghost of 3.13

birds – r.roo

kyoto majestic – new army

burrowers – pandoras black book

cracks on the surface – miktek

-part III-

the persistent heartbeat – phantoms of the ss

the rising sun nation – proyecto alienoxir

with this life – the seventh necronation

voltage control – roughhausen

exjeusunow the game – first aid 4 souls

temporary evacuation ad inferna remix – r.i.p

i take the sun – systemshock

smoke and mirrors alacrity mix – the alacrity

grasping for air forever mr. b – dead frail honesty

for all that has been achieved – lpf12

-part IV-

from the depths of the orients ashes… – a bleeding star

ninsei – access to arasaka

ikeru – counterfeit i

where are you atsuko – spunx

human – schlafstoerung

kaiju the demons return once more – scapegoat

sunrise – verney 1826

adjoined twins – inscissors

the saddest day of all – lisa hammer

dawn white day – djozr

-part V-

as i searched for answers – nuxvomica

the bardo of the experiencing of reality – starchasm

angel mechanism – xsry and kenji siratori

dark angels – the craft

a train passes by mount fuji – gary flanagan

i can touch the sun – e-gens

kimigayo eric – hausmann

scars of gaia – tears of nature

soaring spirits – louis guidone

earth changes – chris givens

-part VI-

the skyline from kyoto – 1 phantom

feels like i am breaking up inside – galati

journey – botham

illuminate – a fallen mind

4 japan – johnny s. pizano

aquatica lucis – rebischung

mitate – testube

forever japan – union of intentions

mntjnt – soundedit

japanese morning – c.o.i.

-part VII-

everything will be ok – kimber bennet

denki – geodesic

villa lilian – biel oliver

for the rising sun – impurfekt

straight off – levkoy

s.g.g. 0102 – united gods

pinprick melodies – lefty

yin yang ii – syphax

unideation – automating

meltdown – josef nadek

-part VIII-

8 bit sakura – one infinite loop

cirkle – ainoma

nummer 11 – dead mans hill

no ue ni sobieru – falling man

your skin – cylix

140311 luchitsya – sascha muhr

circle of gods – serum fantis

we win – retrotweed

jinx – sicx asylum

death chant renegade of noise remix – zonewire

promised – protea

-part IX-

haunted house – vj zombie

余波 再生 aftermath equals rebirth – l.i.m.

horns of jericho – vortex

naruto fan – otonin

inmediato – ceresoles

flood – noisiv litcat

yamato damashii – dyskhord

electronikal disease – schultz

begging for change will never be our way – antistro

Part I is available

Part II – Friday, May 27th
Part III – Friday, June 3rd
Part IV – Friday, June 10th
Part V – Friday, June 17th
Part VI – Friday, June 24th
Part VII – Friday, July 1st
Part VIII – Friday, July 8th
Part IX – Friday, July 15th

Note : my music Aquatica Lucis is on Part VI, St John Day. I am Jean Marie Rebischung…


Author: Jean Marie Rebischung Meditative and films music

Music composer of serie Qi Gong, Tai Chi , Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. meditative and world music, gothic and films music Contact me by Mail or SACEM. Thanks for your visit !

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