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Qui Gong, Tai Chi, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Rebischung music Flying with the Dragoon offered for free

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Music is at the same time a support for films, and a dream

for the listener…

The two DVD on the Qui Gong theme realized by Beatrice

and Patrick Reynier, with Doctor JIAN Liujun and Akli

Hammadi are exactly in this vein: at the same time report,

culture and a demonstration of a millenium-old Chinese art.

There is three DVD over Tai Chi, always in the same principle, a box including a DVD

and an Audio CD, with a music more electro-world directed,

with more flowing and fuller movements, which can be

listenend to – and looked at at the same time…

The samples of the album Aquatica Lucis, to be as well

discovered on the website, will take you along on a journey

through all of the world, note by note, but they can also involve

you with a more interior voyage, towards the aqueous

lights of Origin…

As for Cities of Lights, the evening opens it’s arms to you…

with all its dreams and ventures. There too lies a journey: from

feelings and desires to angels, from the Andean nights to

the future of a city, a city whose only existance may be

deep within you, maybe to deep to be found otherwise…


So offered for free :

Rebischung music qi gong : Flying with the Dragoon

Rebischung Jean Marie Artwork


Author: Jean Marie Rebischung Meditative and films music

Music composer of serie Qi Gong, Tai Chi , Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. meditative and world music, gothic and films music Contact me by Mail or SACEM. Thanks for your visit !

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